Families grow. Children grow. The amount of stuff we need seems to grow non-stop, so that even simple journeys become epic endeavours. And when big isn’t big enough, you need XL.

The Altea XL really is XL. It’s tall, with masses of headroom and a higher, more commanding driving position. It’s long. 18.76cm longer than the standard Altea to be precise. Which translates into an extra 123 litres of space, and a total boot capacity of 532 litres. Which is, well, huge. In fact it’s one of the roomiest cars in its class. Although you wouldn’t think it from the outside.

With its swooping sporty lines, the look is unmistakably SEAT, as is the handling. It’s well balanced and assured, which makes the XL a genuine pleasure to drive. Now every school run, shopping trip or family visit is another chance to get behind the wheel. Being the family chauffeur has never been so much fun.

Driving is believing. Go to your local SEAT dealer and treat yourself to a test drive.

The SEAT Altea XL. Help yourself to a little more.

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