Kit out your car inside and out

The beauty of life lies in the details. Some incredible, others tiny. But all impossible to forget.

This was our guiding philosophy when designing our Genuine SEAT Accessories. The philosophy that led us to create a range of superior and special accessories to the highest standards of quality, working with the most reliable materials, the most advanced multimedia and safety technology, using the most dynamic designs and shapes, and ensuring close attention to detail and finish. Pure exclusivity.

Choose what’s important to you and tailor your New SEAT Mii to your taste. When you’ve finished, you’ll have the ideal companion for everyday driving.

Thematic packs can customise your car down to the smallest detail, with a few surprises on the way. From the keys to the dashboard, your New SEAT Mii becomes your individual and unique car. A car designed by you, for you.

Thematic packs allow you to customise every detail of your New SEAT Mii. The SMiiLE! pack, for example, gives you exterior stickers, footrests, mats and a special non-slip coating in the key tray, all personalised with the SMiiLE! logo. The Enjoy Mii pack highlights the sportiness of your car, giving it a competitive makeover.

Click the Configurator for more information on New SEAT Mii Genuine Accessories.

Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that Genuine SEAT Accessories are produced to the highest possible standards.

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