SEAT has introduced the newest member of the Leon family: the SEAT Leon ST 4Drive.

Featuring a latest-generation all-wheel drive system, the SEAT Leon ST 4Drive brings incredible road handling and optimum safety to the range. With the introduction of 4Drive, the most beautiful and versatile estate car is now ready to take on the most challenging conditions.


The technology behind the 4Drive is among the most modern and efficient systems of its kind in the world. Using a fifth-generation Haldex clutch, 4Drive reacts instantly to every conceivable driving situation, giving you more grip and agility, whatever the conditions.


Better traction on slippery roads. When driving on slippery tracks, the 4Drive reacts immediately, increasing the power to the rear wheels and ensuring the car drives safely over the slippery area.
Safer driving in icy conditions. On icy roads, drive power is distributed uniformly,

ensuring that power flows to the wheel with maximum traction, guaranteeing optimum directional stability in snowy conditions.
Ideal for sporty driving. For fast cornering, power is evenly distributed to all four wheels, providing the tyres with higher grip on sharp bends and a more responsive and agile drive.


The SEAT Leon ST 4Drive comes with two powerful TDI engine options generating 77 kW (105 hp) and 110 kW (150 hp) with an average fuel consumption of only 4.5 and 4.8 litres per 100 kilometres.

The Leon ST 4Drive boasts a four-wheel EDS dynamic control system, an extended electronic differential lock for better traction while cornering (XDS), electronic stability programme and a multi-collision brake to deliver maximum safety.

Further optional features include full-LED headlamps, ACC adaptive cruise control with city emergency brake function, drowsiness detection and the Heading Control lane-keeping assistant.

The Leon ST 4Drive is designed to take on the toughest road conditions with maximum traction and safety, which means there are no limits to where you can take it.