SEAT has a long-standing global strategic partnership with Castrol.

Working in close collaboration with SEAT, we jointly develop new technological innovations and co-engineer lubricants. The resulting formulations are perfectly matched to the very latest engine technology and are specifically developed to meet SEAT ’s unique technology requirements.

One of the key objectives of our joint technology work is to unlock the fuel savings and CO2 reduction potential arising from our research, including fuels, engine oils and transmission fluids. As technology partners, SEAT and Castrol will together meet future challenges such as the development of future scenarios for individual mobility.

That’s why Castrol Professional engine oil products are not just approved by SEAT but are the only recommended products. It’s also why Castrol is recommended on the filler cap and in the handbook of every new SEAT car. In order to gain this exclusive recommendation from SEAT, Castrol Professional products are tested beyond standard approvals and specifications – and that means SEAT drivers are getting the very best oil for their cars.

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