SEAT has a whole range of new cars available. From the Mii, to a new range of Ibizas. A powerful Leon range and a beautiful Toledo. With eye-catching designs and cutting edge technology these new cars aren’t just the future of SEAT. One of them could be your next car.


If there was ever a car for you, it’s the SEAT Mii. Small, compact and full of bright thinking, the SEAT Mii is the ideal city car. Available in three or five door versions and sporting some seriously good looks, its dimensions mean it’s welcome anywhere in the city. But it’s big on the inside too, and equipped with SEAT Portable System Live* that incorporates SEAT Call app**, the new Eco Trainer function, satellite navigation and Bluetooth®, showing you all the information from the on-board computer and your radio/CD on the touch-sensitive screen. It boasts the unique Safety Assist technology, and its nippy engines are very economical and eco-friendly. So what’s good for the city is now good for you.

*Includes one month free Live Services. Lifetime service available for purchase at Garmin Fresh Shop. To find out more please contact your Dealer.

**Only for EU6 countries


“Advanced” now comes in three different flavours. The Ibiza five door, the ST, the Cupra and the inimitable SC. All of these new cars are built to the highest specifications, and all infused with the classic spirit of the Ibiza. Plus they are all filled with technology that will get your pulse racing: infotainment, Bi-Xenon with AFS directional lights and a range of powerful and efficient engines, from the latest TSIs to TDIs with DSG gearboxes.
The five door gives you performance and dynamic design, while the ST adds more space. Then there’s the SC – for an extra dose of sporty chic. All of them are constructed with passion, precision and design, as the SEAT Ibiza Colour Packs, available in three elemental colours plenty of style. All have new features and plenty of new adventures in store for their drivers.


The completely re-designed SEAT Leon 5 door and 3 door sport coupés have now been joined by the most beautiful estate in its class: the new SEAT Leon ST, a car which combines sportiness and practicality to set a new standard for estates. All three models in the Leon range share SEAT’s new design DNA signature with a dynamic and muscular frame and dramatic triangular front headlights that include revolutionary Full LED.
Inside, infotainment systems with Bluetooth®, and state-of-the-art Driver Profile technology put the Leon streets ahead of the competition. The Leon also comes equipped with Driving Assistance systems like Lane Assist to make every journey safer and more comfortable.


If there was ever a word that described the SEAT Toledo Saloon it was “beautiful”. The design, the use of space, the technology that makes driving such a pleasure – all of it is beautiful. Especially the feeling it gives you when you are behind the wheel of this new car.
With multi-media technology for entertainment, and Bluetooth® for connectivity, it’s more than well equipped. And with more leg room and more boot space there’s more room to enjoy it all too.
Add to that some technically advanced TSI and efficient TDIs and Ecomotive versions, and you’ll find that beauty more than skin deep. Though its true that the horizontal rear light clusters are particularly fetching.


Inside an SEAT Alhambra MPV, family comes first. That’s why we’ve given them 2340 litres of space and a whole lot of great TECHNOLOGY TO ENJOY. Like multi-media systems, optional automatic sliding doors and a panoramic sunroof.
It’s practical but fun at every turn and built with the kind of attention to detail you’d expect from a SEAT. And of course it’s big on safety too. Equipped with Bi-Xenon lights, seven airbags and a five star Euro NCAP to its name. It even has some of the lowest emissions in its class. The Alhambra is all about space, style and fun. Isn’t that the way every family should travel?