The New Leon

Where great design meets innovative technology.

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Making cars from sunshine.

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Concept Cars

Behind the scenes from idea to reality.

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SEAT LEON Verde, a unique prototype

The plug-in hybrid prototype...

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The new New Leon is a shining example of SEAT’s new design language. It signals an enormous step forward for the brand. The New Leon is equipped with a wide range of ground-breaking technology for improved car safety and enhanced connectivity. The model is 90 kilograms lighter and 52 mm shorter than its predecessor and has more interior space. The Leon uses the Volkswagen Group’s latest technology, such as laser welding and measurement as well as hot stamping to ensure the highest levels of precision and quality. It’s also equipped with Start/Stop technology for greater efficiency – on average it consumes 15% less fuel than the previous generation.


Not only are our cars leaders in efficiency, so is the way we build them. We’ve installed more than 20,000 solar panels to harness the bright Spanish sun to power our factory. This year these panels will produce 6 million kWh of clean electricity. TECHNOLOGY TO ENJOY finds smart solutions that use the resources the world already gives us.

Solar Panels from Above
Absorbing Power
Twindrive Ecomotive


The construction of a concept car is a complex project that requires a significant amount of teamwork. With the SEAT IBL, our team of designers, engineers and technicians demanded the most of themselves for months to create a car for the future. It’s passion like this that leads to advances in design. And it’s innovation like this that leads to breakthroughs in TECHNOLOGY TO ENJOY. The final result of this intense work is the new IBL sedan concept car that showcases our future design language. And this is how it was made.


The SEAT LEON VERDE is the result of the CENIT VERDE project, and has been built on the basis of the new SEAT Leon. The plug-in hybrid prototype uses the main innovations developed by the project, and is equipped with a 75 kW zero-emissions electric motor as well as a 1.4l 90 kW internal combustion engine with a 6-speed gearbox adapted and optimised for hybrid driving. The SEAT LEON VERDE has a range in electric mode of 50 kilometres thanks to an 8.8 kWh Ficosa battery, and has an integrated advanced cooling system for the optimisation of heat management.
Furthermore, and via a Lear 20 kW on-board battery charger, the SEAT LEON VERDE allows for two-way connection to the grid and not only for battery recharge but also for the vehicle to feed-in electricity to the grid itself.
The prototype is equipped with advanced HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems integrated into a smartphone app which connects to the vehicle via NFC-CAN-Wifi to manage the main functions such as energy consumption, battery status, reserve management and tariff negotiation for recharges or estimated savings in CO2, during electric mode.