Extreme Driving

See just how mean we are to our cars.

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Easy Connect

Discover our state-of-the-art infotainment system.

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LED Lights

Innovative, maintenance-free LED lights.

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Read how this suite of features helps keep you safely on the road.

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Compressed natural gas (CNG)

SEAT’s commitment to providing sustainable.

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We’re mean to our cars. We like to take them to hell and back so we can see what the limits, if any, they have. That way we can either fix them, make them stronger or improve them so they work better under more extreme conditions. Because you never know when you’re going to have to drive across the desert, Greenland or a tundra.


Easy Connect, SEAT’s state-of-the-art infotainment system, enables the driver to control entertainment and communication functions. Measuring up to 5.8 inches, the touchscreen shifts from display to operating mode once a finger approaches. Access the SEAT sound system and arrange the eight speakers just how you like them or use the Navigational System to find the scenic route or switch between Eco and Sport Drive Profile modes. Intuitive design and gorgeous graphics perfectly match the sporty aesthetic of the SEAT Leon.


For the first time, the SEAT Leon makes innovative, full-LED headlights available in the compact class. With its distinctive design, LED headlamps illuminate the road with a light that’s very close to daylight, so it’s gentle on the eyes. LED headlamps emit light with minimal energy consumption. Intelligent sensors make sure that oncoming traffic is not dazzled. And, LED light is completely maintenance free and designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle.


SEAT’s Driver Assistance Systems, which include Drowsiness Detection, Full Beam Assist and Lane Assist, keep you safe on the journey ahead. Drowsiness Detection analyses the driver’s concentration and emits a warning, recommending that the driver take a break. Full Beam Assist switches automatically between full and dipped beam, ensuring that other drivers are not dazzled. And Lane Assist uses a camera to make slight adjustments to the electromechanical steering before the driver deviates from course and crosses a lane marking. This suite of features helps keep you safely on the road.

Rain Sensor Keeps You in Command of the Road
Lane Assist
Parking Assist
Full LED Headlights
8 Airbags to Keep Your and Your Family Safe


SEAT’s commitment to providing sustainable and economic mobility solutions has led to it being the first Spanish manufacturer to develop factory-built compressed natural gas vehicles as an alternative to traditional automotive fuels.
CNG offers both environmental and economic benefits. It can help reduce airborne emissions and so improve the air quality in of inner-cities. In this sense, it can reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides by 85% and emissions of CO2 – the main greenhouse gas - by a quarter. From an economic viewpoint, the low fuel consumption combined with a lower taxation on vehicular natural gas reduces running costs by as much as 50%.
CNG can also be obtained from completely renewable sources (bio-methane).
To promote the availabilty and use of CNG as a vehicle fuel in Spain, SEAT has recently signed a strategic partnership with Gas Natural Fenosa, Spain’s leading gas utility company.