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We welcome you to the world of IBIN AJAYAN Genuine Parts Center, the sole dealer of IVECO Genuine Parts, ASHOK LEYLAND Genuine Parts, CLARK Genuine Parts, PM Genuine Parts & GULF OIL.

Visiting this site itself is a testimony of your concern & utmost care for your vehicles. Before moving ahead we take the opportunity to congratulate you for owning our products. Our job simply doesn’t end at selling our products. We are committed to provide you a lifelong service of high quality at affordable cost.

As you use the vehicles the components undergo wear and tear. With usage there is a need to check and replace the parts. While replacing a part, it is crucial that the component used is of the highest quality standard, just like the original one fitted on the car.

Use of spurious and non-genuine parts exposes users to various risks. These can lower the performance of vehicle and even risk the safety of passengers.

To ensure that only the highest quality parts reach your vehicle even when you need to replace a worn out part, IBIN AJAYAN Supply Company certified parts. . These genuine parts are of the same quality as the ones that came fitted on the new vehicles. As such these give best performance and convenience and will help to increase the vehicle life and offer lowest best cost of ownership.

The secret of our success is keeping existing customers happy and recruiting new customers by making it easier to get their vehicle serviced.

At an auto dealership, everyone’s success depends on each person working together toward a common goal. That’s why we are providing excellent service and taking care of each customer’s needs has resulted in continued growth.

Our customers are spread across the length & breadth of the country and we assure you that our products have the highest quality, best warranty, and are price competitive.

Our mass warehouse facility gives us a key advantage over our competitors as it covers more than 36,000 line items of various products providing ready availability of parts and our highly computerized stock system it has gained an enviable reputation in the trade of being a first class supplier by always having parts that no other dealer would dare stock, and having such a high speed service for our customers.

In addition to this, we also have another warehouse in the Industrial area exclusively for body parts.

We have created a culture that focuses on continuously improving and we are always finding ways to do things better, because we are very serious when it comes to customer satisfaction.” stated by Mr. Shyju Sebastian, Group Parts Manager of IBIN AJAYAN GROUP.

Success will ultimately be measured by our customers choosing us because of their belief in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations of price, service, and selection.” he continued.

Moreover, to provide an excellent service and competitive price for our valued customers, we introduced a new PSDD (Parts Special Discount Deal) system which offers special discount rates for selected line items.

To take the advantage of these special offers, please send your valuable enquires to our E-mail Id: iatparts@ibinajayan.com.qa


Please call our parts representative on 00974 44991034 for a rapid responds.